Sunday, December 20, 2009

Update about Linkedin

From by previous articles, I've shared how to market for investors and business on Linkedin. I hope that by now you have built up your Linkedin contacts using these techniques.

I left out a key tip that is extremely important. Did you know you can export your contacts on Linkedin to a CSV file and import contact names and email address' directly into Outlook or any other email program?

Sending messages to your connections on Linkedin is extremely time consuming because you have to manually checkmark each name you want to send a message and are limited to 50 messages at a time. The drawback here aside from the time it takes is that many great contacts do not check their Linkedin messages very often. However, the opposite holds true as well because some people will not open your message directly through a regular email but may open it on Linkedin.

My suggestion is to use both techniques when you have a marketing piece to share with your contacts.

How do you export your Linkedin Contacts?

1) Click on the contacts tab on the left of your profile page.
2) Go to the bottom and in VERY small type is a link that says "export contacts"

The rest is self explanatory.

To your Wealth!

Russell Roesner


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  2. Tiffany has nothing to say that is remotely connected to this content. However, it is a great example of how to market if you have the time and money to use the commenting technique to market your service or product. Good job Tiffany!