Friday, December 3, 2010

Hard Money: What is it and how to get it

Hard Money is a term for a loan product offered by private companies instead of the banks. It is also referred to as Private money, Private lending, and Bridge money. Usually the capital comes from private investors that live locally to where the loans are being made. Although the loan process is similar to a bank, there are distinct differences. First let’s compare bank money with hard money:

Bank Money Drawbacks

Bank Money Benefits

Hard to get

Low interest rates: 4-6%

Takes a long time (45-60 days)

Low Closing Costs: 1-2% of loan amount

Minimum Credit Scores Imposed

Long Term: Up to 40 years

Property must be in good condition

Small down payment: As little as 3%

Only 4-6 loans per person

Available Nationwide

Personal Guarantee is required

Money is always available

Borrower cannot be a company

Hard Money Drawbacks

Hard Money Benefits

High interest rates: 9-15%

Easier to get and to qualify

High closing costs: 4-8%

Quicker to close: 15-30 days

Short Term: 12-60 months

Credit not as big of a factor

Limited Area: Only lend locally

Borrower Can be a company: LLC, Corp

High down payment: Up to 40%

Personal guarantee variable

Property can be in any condition

Why use hard money?

Most borrowers who use hard money do it for the following reasons:

  • They personally cannot qualify or the real estate does not qualify for a regular bank loan.
  • They do not have time to wait for a bank loan to be approved.
  • They want to borrow money with a business entity and/or do not want to personally guarantee a loan

Even though the rates can be high, hard money can be quite useful when an investor has an opportunity to buy a property for a low price and sell it for a profit. Simply put, hard money even with its drawbacks can be a great tool in providing the capital necessary to be a real estate investor.

How do find a private lender and get a hard money loan?

Please review the loan programs section of our website where you can learn more and inquire about a getting a hard money loan. Our contact information is below.

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