Friday, July 3, 2009

How to Build your Contacts on Linkedin

Having a large network on Linkedin is key to gaining access to 100s of thousands of capital sources. Even if you only have a handful to start, here is a tried and true way to build your network.

1. Join groups and participate
2. Answer questions and develop expertise
3. Invite folks...Don't use the "standard" LinkedIn invite feature. Customize the message and why you are looking to link. You have to be sparing with this b/c LinkedIn will limit your account if you get too many "don't knows"
4. Do something to improve your list each day...set a quota of some sort
5. I would suggest bulleting your expertise at the top of your profile. Nobody is going to read through the whole thing. Think of it like an Executive Summary
6. Go through your email and find people to invite that you already know
7. Put your LinkedIn profile in the closing for email that you send
8. Invite people as you meet them so that it is fresh in their mind
9. Consider joining TopLinked (a group) if your goal is volume

To Your Wealth!

Russell Roesner

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